Gas Phase Ion Chemistry of Biomolecules

This broad research area is further catagorized into the sub areas of:

(a) Thermochemistry;
(b) Regioselectivity of alkylation reactions ;
(c) Ion-molecule reactions as structural probes;
(d) Mechanisms of dissociation reactions of protonated and deprotonated peptides and oligonucleotides ;
(e) Reactivity of radicals derived from peptides and oligonucleotides;
(f) Reactivity of metallated peptides;
(g) Reactivity of non-covalent complexes;
(h) Ion-electron interactions;
(i) Analytical applications.

I developed this area independently starting as an Assistant Professor at Kansas State University and continuing at Melbourne. Apart from the fundamental interest in this area, this work has important ramifications for improving the analysis of biologically important molecules via tandem mass spectrometric techniques.